• Export Gateway To Africa
  • 25-27 April 2024
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Reshaping the trade of Africa

The African continent has rich natural mines, a young population over the average number worldwide, external dependence in every kind of product and machinery, which has led all the world countries to turn their eyes on Africa, particularly after the pandemic. Turkey has adopted a successful health policy, manufactured every kind of medical materials and equipment easily, and had a potential to respond to all the manufacturing demands of Africa, which makes it the spotlight of 55 African countries. Our country’s help including technical equipment, hygiene materials, and personal protection equipment for 105 countries has played a significant role in this result. 
Africa has a young population of 1.25 billion and 85% of the consumption is based on importing. On the other hand, Africa, with its economic growth pace to an extent to compete with Europe and Asia, has food product import of 500 billion dollars annually while having machinery and machinery equipment import of 100 billion dollars and ceramics import of 50.9 billion dollars. 
While the African trade numbers show these results, the leading company of the trade fair industry, CNR Holding, initiates Export Gateway to Africa for the whole African market that has tended to reshape after the pandemic. 
The first African exhibition, known in the Middle East, Far East, and Western and professionally organized in the international level, Export Gateway to Africa will help the entire African trading network to be from Turkey. The exhibition will unite the Turkish manufacturers with hundreds of buyer delegations and thousands of buyers only from the public and private sector institutions in Africa.