1. Data Controller

    As per the Law no.6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“the Law”), your personal data shall be processed by CNR Holding Inc. (“CNR Holding”) as the controller within the following scope.

  2. Purpose of Processing of Personal Data

    CNR Holding acquires the personal data, which you have submitted to us via the Visitor Registration Form, with the purpose of offering you services and get in touch with you about the products and services provided/to be provided, evaluating the complaints and suggestions about our services, improving, developing, and varying our services submiting them to the natural/legal persons with whom we do business and inform those persons accordingly, organizing exhibition scopes in compliance with the expectations of exhibitors and visitors, monitoring and sustaining the event, informing about scheduled exhibitions, keeping records on exhibitors and/or visitors, maintaining marketing activities, getting to know customers, exhibitors, and visitors, enhancing mutual communication, conducting data analysis and research, improving service quality, executing activities via contracted entities for the services that are provided with you, and keeping entry-exit records on fairgrounds. The collected personal data is processed under the aforementioned purposes as per the conditions and purposes of the processing of personal data stated in Article 5 of the Law.

  3. Personal Data Categories

    CNR Holding acquires the personal data below from your side via the Visitor Registration:

    Form: Identity Information: First Name-Last Name
    Contact Information: Phone Number, E-mail, Country, City
    Occupational Experience: Company Name, Position
    Other: Interests

  4. Transferring of Personal Data

    Your personal data will be shared with our Group Companies, subsidiaries, business partners, suppliers, shareholders, competent public organizations and institutions as well as private entities within the scope of the conditions and purposes of the processing of personal data specified in Articles 8 and 9 in the Law, including performing works necessary for related persons to be granted with the services provided by CNR Holding through business units and conducting the relevant business processes, performing the necessary works to actualize the conducted trade activities and conduct the business processes accordingly through the relevant business units, planning and executing commercial and/or business strategies of CNR Holding, planning and executing the activities ensuring legal, technical and commercial security of CNR Holding and persons that are in a business relationship with CNR Holding.

  5. Rights of Personal Data Owners on the Process of Data Processing

    You may request information by sending an e-mail to [email protected] to exercise your rights on your data as personal data owners. When you submit your requests to us, our company will conclude your request free of charge to be no later than thirty days according to the nature of your request.

    However, where the transaction requires an extra cost, the fee determined by the Board of Protection of Personal Data shall be charged. In this regard, the information you may acquire from our Company is listed below:


Our company CNR Holding Inc. (“CNR Holding”) is a “data controller” in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”) in connection with the personal data of customers and this Consent Notice aims to obtain express consent on personal data processing activities performed by CNR Holding in accordance with the applicable Law. Express consent of the customers is required for the processing of personal data by CNR Holding in case of the following events that do not meet the criteria for personal data processing as specified in Articles 5/2 and 6/3 of the Law.

Accordingly, the personal data which is acquired by CNR Holding via the Visitor Registration Form can be disclosed to the persons specified in the Information Notice for the Processing of Personal Data with the main purpose of sending e-mails and making calls to plan and perform sales and marketing activities of products and/or services of CNR Holding for the aforementioned purposes through creating campaigns aimed at visitors and persons, informing visitors about new exhibitions, offering special opportunities to exhibition visitors by business partners of CNR Holding, performing cross- sales, determining the target group, conducting activities that improve user experience by following customers’ movements, conducting direct or indirect, customized marketing and remarketing activities, conducting custom segmentation, targeting, analysis and internal reporting activities, planning and performance of market researches and customer satisfaction activities, offering and promoting products and services of CNR Holding upon customization based on taste, habits and needs of the concerned persons, planning and performance of customer relations management processes.