• Export Gateway To Africa
  • 25-27 April 2024
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The African tourism industry is reviving

Expanding its export network through equipping hotels and chain restaurants of every country,  the “Turkish Horeca Industry” will be able to do business with the entire African continent via Export Gateway to Africa. Organized by CNR Holding between April 8-11, 2021, Export Gateway to Africa will unite hundreds of buyer delegations and thousands of buyers from organizations in the public and private sectors in 54 African countries particularly with the tourism and hotel equipment industry.

All investors operating in the African Horeca industry will supply their needs from curtains to carpets, televisions, air conditioners, teapots, cups, decorative products, wallpapers, landscape and garden furniture, SPA materials, and pool equipment at this exhibition.

Export Gateway to Africa will also welcome locomotive industries of export such as marble, marble machinery, ceramic, kitchen, bathroom equipment, food, food processing machinery, industrial products, agriculture, agricultural machinery, building and building materials, furniture, home textile, chemical and cleaning products, as well as the tourism and hotel equipment industry. Buyers from 54 African countries will take part in the exhibition for all the exhibiting companies.

The exhibition will unite the entire African market with a total import number of 1.5 trillion dollars with Turkish exporters and create the largest market of the future. Contact us to establish business connections with buyer delegations from the African market, which is still largely dependent on importing.