• Export Gateway To Africa
  • 2-4 December 2021
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CNR Holding shapes Africa, market of the future

Developed countries such as the USA, the UK, France, Italy, and Spain have failed to struggle with Coronavirus and China has shown substantial instability in this issue, which has positioned Turkey in a different location in Africa. Turkey has helped the entire African continent by providing technical equipment and personal protection materials while struggling with Coronavirus, which has led these countries to turn their heads to Turkey suddenly. 
Particularly after the Coronavirus pandemic, other western countries still have high risks and their treatment opportunities are far behind Turkey, which will make Turkey the most important supply center in the “New Normal” era. A part of Africa’s urgent needs in all the industries, mainly in health, food, and natural diet, will be provided from Turkey and Turkish manufacturers in the new post-pandemic atmosphere. 
The leading company of the Turkish trade fair industry, CNR Holding will initiate Export Gateway to Africa in April 2021 in order to increase the share the Turkish economy will get from the African market that will reach a 6-trillion-dollar size in 2050. The exhibition will unite the entire African market with Turkish exporters and create the biggest market of the future. 
Export Gateway to Africa will also welcome locomotive industries of export such as marble, marble machinery, ceramic, bathroom and kitchen equipment, industrial products, agriculture, agricultural machinery, building and building materials, hotel equipment, chemical and cleaning products, as well as particularly the furniture, food, footwear, and home textile industries.