• Export Gateway To Africa
  • 25-27 April 2024
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The African market will be the rescuer of economies

The World Health Organization estimates that the Covid-19 pandemic, which has brought the global economy, health industry and trade to a standstill, will be taken under control in the midst of June. Nearly all the governments across the world have already started to look for new trade ways to compensate losses caused by the pandemic and put their economies into order. Africa, which has been the least-affected continent of the pandemic, has a very low average number of the young population compared to other continents, and is expected its trade market to reach a 6-trillion-dollar size, are targeted by nearly all the world countries. 



It dates back to a very long time before the Covid-19 pandemic that the global company of the Turkish trade fair industry, CNR Holding, has discovered the African market. Endeavoring for one year to boost the share of the Turkish economy that will get from the African market, CNR will initiate Export Gateway to Africa on April 8. Organized at the center of global trade, CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center, Export Gateway to Africa will offer very important export opportunities to the locomotive industries of export such as furniture, home textile, footwear, ceramics, kitchen, bathroom, tourism, hotel, food, agriculture, mill, health, chemistry and cleaning, building, marble, energy, environmental technologies.   

Export Gateway to Africa will be organized only for the African continent. Buyers from 54 African countries will take part in the exhibition for all the exhibiting companies. Hundreds of buyer delegations and thousands of buyers from the African public and private sectors will unite the entire African market importing 1.5 trillion dollars with Turkish exporters and form the biggest market of the future.

CNR Holding aims to double the existing total export number of 24 billion dollars and increase it by 50 billion dollars through Export Gateway to Africa. The exhibition will lead a new and efficient export way to Africa, which has the world’s newest and greatest potential for the Turkish economy.   

Contact us to establish business connections with buyer delegations from the African market, which still largely depends on importing.